Open eclass

e-Class platform

The platform is acting as an open hub for knowledge accumulation with the enrollment of agriculturist, veterinaries, computer engineers, as well as agriculture stakeholders such as farmers and breeders. Based on https://www.openeclass.org

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Farm Management

A web-based application representing a virtual farm where data from mixed farming activities will be presented for educational purposes. The environment will offer different levels of configuration creating an interactive teaching environment. Based on https://www.litefarm.org under the GPL v3.0 license

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ElasticSearch and Kibana

Data Visualization

Visualize your data and do anything from tracking query load to understanding the way requests flow through your apps. Based on https://www.elastic.co

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A tool for web-based geospatial catalogue explorers

A feature rich open source solution for building amazing spatial data federation web platforms. Based on https://terria.io under the Apache2.0 license

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Educational game (as proof-of-concept)

The farmer

Solve small puzzles and enhance your knowledge using your farmer hero, based on Unreal Engine

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The SmartROOT Project

Climate change threatens European agriculture posing previously unexplored challenges and creating new problems. The digital transformation of the field can solve numerous environmental, economic and societal problems. The introduction of ICT tools into the agriculture sector opens new horizons and offers new tools to face unique problems.

SmartROOT covers the gap of knowledge between different experts and offers an interdisciplinary approach to the upcoming challenges.